Technical Team Lead

  • Fulltime
  • Bachelor

For this vacancy, this is your home base. Plan your route to see how long the journey is.

You coach, lead and help a development team to build software that will give our colleagues and customers a big smile.

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Developer website Coolblue

Technical Team Lead

  • Fulltime
  • Rotterdam
  • Bachelor

How do I become Technical Team Lead at Coolblue?

At Coolblue, we build almost all of our software ourselves. For instance the website, mobile apps, but also the majority of all applications used by our colleagues. As a team lead you help your team to get a little better every day. You challenge your team to come up with good ideas and to innovate further. As a Technical / Development team lead you help your team to advance in the technical field but also in their personal development. You provide a safe environment where everyone can give each other feedback. This way, the team and the applications we build become a little better every day. Because we build almost all our applications ourselves, we are looking for team leaders who can for instance work well with PHP, JavaScript, C # or Kotlin /Swift. Do you get energy from developing beautiful, cost-efficient software and helping your colleagues become a little better every day? Then this is the role for you. Would you also like to become a Technical Team lead at Coolblue? Julia explains how to do that.

You enjoy doing this

  • Coaching, done by reviewing code, programming pairing and holding development meetings regularly.
  • Impact strategic decisions by providing technical and non-technical guidance to your team and working with the Product Owner.
  • Ensuring that software and website can meet the constantly changing and growing needs of Coolblue. For example, we have a fully automated CI / CD pipeline and we do about 500 deployments per day.
  • Every day is different, and every day is a little bit better.
  • Assisting team members by defining and following a clear growth path and helping them achieve this.
  • Collaborate with the scrum master to improve daily team performance.

This calendar makes you happy

Week 06

  1. MonMonday
  2. TueTuesday
  3. WedWednesday
  4. ThuThursday
  5. FriFriday
    1. Daily stand-up

      Daily stand-up

      Start with team. Short update about your tasks and progress.

    2. Meeting with Yannick (Development manager)

    3. Fill out feedbackform Kate (Developer)

      Fill out feedbackform Kate (Developer)

      For an appraisal interview, let's go over the projects we've done together.

    4. Sync with Emiliano

    5. Pair programming

    1. Daily stand-up

    2. Retrospective


      What went well last sprint? What could be better next sprint?

    3. Teamlunch

    4. 1e Interview with a senior developer

    5. Sync with Klaas (Developer)

    1. Daily stand-up

    2. Sync with Fernanda (Developer)

    3. Refinement


      What will the upcoming sprint look like and who will do what.

    4. Sprint planning

    5. Watch Pieter update

      Watch Pieter update

      Video-update from Pieter.

    1. Daily stand-up

    2. Personal development conversation with Carolina

      Personal development conversation with Carolina

      Discussing personal development of your teammember.

    3. Welcome new teammember Kai

      Welcome new teammember Kai

      Introduction Bingo!

    4. Team meeting

    5. Introduction with Alexey (Team Lead)

    1. Daily stand-up

    2. Sharing knowlegde with the team

      Sharing knowlegde with the team

      Share all kinds of ideas with each other, so that you get a little better every day.

    3. Demo (Mobile apps)

      Demo (Mobile apps)

      Presentation results last month + upcoming projects.

    4. Scheduling next week

    5. Teamdrinks


      Closing the week together.

You recognize yourself in the following

  • You have a technical Bachelor or Master in for example Computer Science.
  • You have at least 2 years of experience as a Team Leader and previously worked as a developer for several years.
  • You have experience with giving feedback, motivating and coaching developers with their technical and soft skills.
  • You have strong communication skills and are able to explain the right technical decisions to technical and non-technical colleagues.
  • You ensure good code by applying the Solid principles, unit testing and TDD / DDD, among other things.
  • You feel at home in an Agile environment. You are used to working with Scrum or Kanban.
  • You are strong in software development in: C#, PhP, Swift, Kotlin or Javascript. 
  • You are fluent in English.

This is what you’re looking for in a job

  • Working together in an international environment with colleagues from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Italy, among others. 
  • Room for new initiatives and ideas. We’re always open to those, whether you’ve been with us for a week, a month, or a year.
  • Relocation assistance: from A to Z 
  • An extraordinarily good work environment with colleagues who make you happy, epic (digital) Coolblue parties, pub quizzes and other activities.
  • Over 30 courses in our Coolblue University to get a bit better every day.
  • Travel allowance and a retirement plan.
  • 25 leave days. As long as you promise to come back.
  • A discount on all our products.
  • A picture-perfect office at a great location. You could crawl to work from Rotterdam Central Station. Though we recommend just walking for 2 minutes.
  • At this moment we all work from home. Of Course we help you creating the best home-office possible. Including desk chair, laptop and blue garlands.
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Want to know more?

  • How does Coolblue adhere to the 1.5-meter rule at work?

    We adhere to the recommendations and guidelines of RIVM and the government, of course. This means that all colleagues from the main office work from home as much as possible. The interviews for your application will also take place via video calls.

    We’d be happy to have you at the office on your first day. So we can drink a cup of coffee and get to know each other a little better. At an appropriate distance, of course.

  • Can I keep developing myself?

    Coolblue University: learning at Coolblue, in a different way.

    With over 30 training courses in our own Coolblue University, you can get a little bit better every day. At Coolblue, we go back to school sometimes. But not by sitting there quietly and just listening. The training courses aren't boring, but interactive. You have to do exercises and have discussions with others. At the Coolblue University, we choose what we want to learn, so we can continue to develop en become real experts. For example, a Delivery Driver needs different training courses than a Customer Service Employe and a starter needs different courses than a manager.

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