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About Coolblue

Anything for a smile
Coolblue. We are one of the largest Dutch online retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium, and we now also operate in Germany.
We offer a broad assortment of products: from phones to laptops, washing machines and refrigerators. With our own delivery service, we deliver packages by bus or electric bike. And we have an installation and customer service department. We're always trying to be greener and we do everything we can to satisfy customers. We give expert advice and deliver your package to your home the next day. Together we work hard every day to amaze our customers.

Code museum

Bits and pieces
From comparing products with the app in our stores to orders coming out of our packaging machine: everything we do uses our own code in one way or another. It's time to put these works of art and the artists behind them in the spotlight. Do you also want to help build our software? Apply now.


Hard core
Our culture is our success. Started out as a group of friends, and we're still a group of friends. One made up of smart, entrepreneurial experts. Together, we work hard every day to make customers happy.
It's important that everyone understands why we do things the way we do. That everyone embraces our culture and consistently carries out our values. Our core values who we are and what we stand for. What connects us and how we interact.