Your privacy comes first

Coolblue stores your personal information in a secured database. And that’s where they stay. We’ll only share your information with third parties who help us find new colleagues. And they stick to the rules too. Pinky promise. Your data won’t be shared with third parties for commercial purposes.  

To make your application as smooth as possible, we need your information. What information we ask for and what we use it for can be found below. You can also see what your rights are, who has access to your data, and how long we’ll store your information.

This privacy policy was last changed on August 26th 2022.

What do we need to know?

First and last name

Hi there, we’re Coolblue. What’s your name?

Date of birth

So we can wish you a happy one!

Phone number

We’d like to personally contact you about your application as soon as possible. We’ll call you to meet and to invite you for an interview. Of course, we’ll also call you if we know more about the progress of your application. Neither of us will lose any sleep that way.

Email address

Want to receive updates on the latest vacancies? If you give us permission, we’ll email them to you. We’ll email you a confirmation when you respond to one of our vacancies, or if we made an appointment for an interview. If you can do a test during the application process, we’ll send you the login information via email as well.  

Don’t want to receive any more vacancies? You can easily unsubscribe: use the link at the bottom of the email.

Salary indication and availability

We’re very curious about how much you want to earn. And how many hours you want to work for that amount.  

Education and experience

Can’t miss out on this on your CV.

Cover letter

We’d prefer to receive your cover letter by mail or email, so we can read it a few times. We might even frame it and hang it above the fireplace if it’s a particularly good one.


For some vacancies, we’ll ask you to send a video of yourself. We do this so we can see if you appear representable and customer oriented. And to see if you’re a real fan, and ‘accidentally’ have a Coolblue box in the background.

Test results

A test is part of the application process. Based on the results, we determine if you can move to the next round.

IP address

In the stores, we recognize your beaming smile, on the Internet we look at your IP address. By remembering your IP address, we can make sure everyone can apply safely.

Yay, we're going to make you an offer! We'll need the following information from you:

Full first names, last name, and gender

As stated in your passport. We’ll put it in our systems and your contract correctly right away.

Date of birth and place of birth

We’ll put it in our systems and your contract correctly right away.

And now we have the opportunity to congratulate you. 2 birds, one velvet glove. We don’t believe in bird violence.

Address, postal code, and residence

We’ll put it in our systems and your contract correctly right away.

Phone number

We’ll put it in our systems and your contract correctly right away.

We won’t call you for no reason. Promise.

Marital status

We’ll put it in our systems and your contract correctly right away. If you’re a candidate from a different country, we’d also like to know your family composition. Just so we can make sure we make the right housing arrangements.


We’ll put it in our systems and your contract correctly right away.

Master title

If you’re a candidate from a different country, we’d like to know  this because of immigration and tax regulations.

Payslip with IBAN and BSN

We’ll put it in our systems and your contract correctly right away. We can use IBAN and BSN to pass on your information to official organizations. Your current salary is an interesting indication. You’re not obliged to provide your payslip.

Driver’s license, bank card, and ID

If you start driving our blue van, we want to know for sure if you have a driver’s license, and when it expires. We’ll need a copy of your bank card and ID to determine your bank account number, identity, and nationality, and pass your information on to official organizations. 

We use your information for the following:


If you apply for a job or internship, we’ll receive your personal information. Sometimes, we’ll do some extra investigating at Stichting FAD or Waarschuwingsregister Logistieke Sector. Because you applied for a job where you will come into contact with money, confidential information, or products, for example. This register meets all legal requirements. As it should.

Sometimes, we want to know even more about you. We can call one of your references, but we’ll always consult you beforehand. Did the application process end? We’ll use your information anonymously, or we’ll delete your application information. Promise.

Vacancy alert

You can indicate what vacancies you want to receive more information on, so we can keep you updated by email. You can easily unsubscribe to the alerts through the link in the email.

Finding new colleagues

You can respond to our vacancies right away. You can also call us or email us if you want to apply. We’ll remember your story, so you won’t have to tell it twice. But only for as long as the application process takes. Afterwards, we’ll use your information anonymously or delete it. No worries. We’ll use your information to analyse all contact moments, for example. That’s how we can make the application process a little bit better every day.

We use accounts on a number of public platforms, so we can look at the profiles of potential Coolbluers. LinkedIn, for example. We can ask you directly if you want to be our new colleague. But only if you give us permission to approach you. If we want to remember you, we’ll ask if we can save your profile. You’d rather not want that? We won’t save your profile and we won’t approach you anymore. And we’ll secretly be shedding a tear. Are you okay with us approaching you? Nice! We’ll ask you for more information, so we can recommend you for a vacancy.

Social media & recommendations

Did you apply through social media? We like seeing who you are. One of our core values is ‘Friends’. Is one of your friends on social media already a Coolbluer? We can have a look at your profile and ask our colleague how they know you. Do you have a picture of yourself in a banana suit, drinking beer? Nice. We might have one too of ourselves on Facebook.

Did your Coolblue friend recommend you? We’ll save your information for 12 months, so we can pay your friend the Buddy Bonus.


To become a little bit better every day, we collect information during your visit to our website. We collect information on viewing vacancies or clicking links. Of course, we always handle your information in line with this privacy policy. This also applies to third parties who research this information for us.

Tailor-made vacancies

If you want to be our colleague, you’re probably looking at vacancies on,, or And if you find a job that suits you, you apply right away. Based on your visits to one of these pages, we’ll show you personalized vacancies, using cookies. Even on other websites, like Facebook. Want to determine what you share with us yourself? You can tell us your cookie preferences.

Fraud prevention

In a perfect world, we’d trust anything and everyone. And as much as we’d want to, this seems a bit naive. Sometimes we have to use applicant’s information to investigate, prevent, and actively stop fraud. This is in Coolblue’s as well as all customers’ interest. If you’re really, really, acting suspiciously, we’ll have to pass on your details to government authorities. This is pretty unpleasant for everyone involved. We’d suggest to just: don’t.

Recruiting suitable candidates

During the recruitment process, suitable candidates are sought through direct search, talent pools and events.

Direct search

Candidates are approached via various platforms, such as LinkedIn. Profiles and contact details are stored with the consent of a candidate. Data will be deleted one year after the candidate has given consent, unless consent is given again to keep data for one year.

Talent pools

Candidates who seem suitable for Coolblue but who are not directly eligible for a vacancy or participation in an event will be added to the talent pool. Coolblue asks permission from these candidates to store their data for this purpose, this concerns contact details, CV and motivation letter. Regular contact is maintained, for example by telephone or via mailings with interesting articles, vacancies or an invitation to an event. Data will be deleted one year after the candidate has given consent, unless consent is given again to keep data for one year.


Candidates can register via the website for participation in an event organized by Coolblue. Contact details, CV and motivation letter are provided. Candidate data will be deleted four weeks after the event has taken place, unless the candidate gives permission to keep their data for one year. After this year, the data will be deleted, unless the candidate again gives permission to keep his data for a year.