Tell me, who are you and what’s your role at Coolblue?

My name is Houcem and I’m originally from Tunisia. As an iOS developer, I work on the main application for Coolblue. Our team does everything to make the Coolblue app better, from creating new features to maintaining old ones. It’s cool that my work affects millions of users. In the end, the most important thing is that we create features to fill in the user’s needs.

You decided to move here. What was your experience with the relocation process like?
The relocation process was smooth and easy. Mainly because HR and the relocation specialist were very helpful and responsive. Before I signed the contract, the relocation specialist talked me through the process step by step so I knew what to expect. To summarize it briefly: I just handed her my passport and she took care of everything. From planning the journey to the Netherlands to helping me find housing and enrolling in a language course to learn Dutch. If I could add a word to the Dutch dictionary, it would be ‘Bori’ (the relocation specialist). The description would be: solves every problem!

How did you experience the start of your career here?
I received a warm welcome and integrating in the team was easier than expected. I think that people are used to having new colleagues as the company is growing more and more. They gave me time to understand how everything works and everyone was willing to help when I had questions. Part of the introduction program is the so-called Paint Blue Day with other colleagues who just started. This was a nice way to get to know people as well.

What do you love most about your job?
The day to day challenges make it interesting. We’re always trying to keep up with new technologies and evolutions of the tech world, so I learn new things everyday. One of the things I like about Coolblue is that it’s a very big company with many opportunities.

What makes working at Coolblue special?
My colleagues are very friendly and open. After two weeks, one of the Dutch colleagues invited me to his house. He cooked for me and I spent the whole day there. The people who work at Coolblue are also very talented at what they do, so you can learn a lot from each other. We have international teams, so there are many cultural discussions and different points of view to learn from.

What did you learn about the Netherlands that you didn’t know before?
Many things! Dutch people are tall, you only have big packs of yoghurt, and the wind can be very strong. I also discovered stroopwafels en Bossche bollen, but those aren’t good for my weight! I’m still busy learning the language but I find it very ‘gezellig’!