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Coolblue started out as a group of friends. Now, it's one of the fastest-growing e-tailers in the Benelux region. Ever since we began in 1999, we've had but one goal: to make customers happy. We provide expert advice and we're obsessed with customer satisfaction. Together, we work our butts off in order to amaze our customers.

More about Coolblue

There are few companies where people are both colleagues and friends. It's our strength. Because two heads are better than one. Because you can tell your friends the truth. Because with your friends, you don't have to hide behind an expensive suit or tie.

And simply because it's fun.

Friendship is built on trust. That's why you're given a great deal of responsibility at Coolblue. Your idea doesn't have to be signed off on by 3 different managers before you can start working on it. We believe you should go for it. Stop yapping and get cracking, even if you might occasionally break something. We learn from our mistakes. It helps us become a bit better every day.

Stuck in a boring job? That'll never happen here. Because Coolblue's continuously changing. This requires flexibility, but it also leads to plenty of opportunities. When a new job opens up because of our rapid growth, for example. Or when your current job is reshaped because of your expanding team.


Our culture is the key to our success. We started out as a group of friends, and we’re still a group of friends. A group of clever, ambitious people who are nuts about their trade.

It’s important that everyone understands why we do the things the way we do. That we want to help people embrace our culture. And that they are able convey our values consistently.

These are our core values. They describe who we are and what we stand for. What binds us and how we treat one another.

We first wrote down these values in 2011, with the help of every Coolbluer. Now, years later, they’re still a perfect fit. This isn’t a coincidence. In order to prevent disappointments, we use these values to figure out if we’re a good match.

Our core values also help us make decisions for the future. We can apply them to any decision, big or small, the check whether it fits our values or not.