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Careers at Coolblue.

Looking for 100 Developers.

Coolblue is growing and currently, the sky is the limit. That is why we are looking for one hundred new Developers! Like C# WPF Developer and Senior UX Designer. Why so many? Because brilliant new ideas from our colleagues and customers are stacking up and to be quite honest, we want to realise them all! Curious to know what we've built already, what jobs are available and why you should join? You’ve come to the right place.

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About Coolblue a

About Coolblue.

Everything for a smile.

Who we are

Coolblue is one of the largest online shops in the Netherlands & Belgium, and has only one goal: Making customers smile. Some smiles come easily, some take a little extra, but at Coolblue it's all in the details. We charge no shipping costs for our orders. We send our customers a text message as soon as their order has been packed and shipped. We answer all questions on Social Media within 30 minutes. Making customers happy is in our DNA.

Our History a

Founded in 1999 by Pieter, Paul and Bart, three students in Business administration.
Coolblue is nominated for the Home Shopping Awards and is opening more and more webshops.
Coolblue starts as first big webshop company with offering iDeal as payment method.
Coolblue becomes fastest delivering company of the Netherlands.
Coolblue launches: order before 22:00, receive your delivery the next-day!
Coolblue launches 26 new specialized webshops.
Coolblue wins the jury award of the Website Awards 2010.
Coolblue launches new corporate identity.
Coolblue opens 200th shop and introduces as first company in the world: ordered before 23:59, tomorrow at your doorstep.
Coolbue opens new warehouse in Tilburg and introduces: ordered in the weekend, monday delivered at your house.
Coolblue introduces: ordered today before 23:00, delivered tomorrow at the moon.

Our History.

We rather look forward.

Coolblue HQ a

Development a

Development at Coolblue.

There's no place like

Over time we have learned that being successful as a company is not possible without smart IT. Our developers have one thing in common: they are all crazy about new technologies. What they love about Coolblue?

  • Besides their own specialization they made fast progress in becoming all-round developers.
  • Defining their own priorities and directly receiving feedback from users.
  • Receiving more than enough room to experiment.
  • Using the right tool for the job.
  • The fact that we always have budget available for great ideas.

Employees a

Our employees.

Get the job done.

We work in scrum teams to ensure constant involvement and progress and we aim to deliver a new improvement every other week.

"I think it is awesome that the things we develop are instantly used by hundreds of thousands of people."

Eric , Web Developer

"Coolblue gave me the opportunity to become a certified Scrum Master. I'm now responsible for the Scrum process in my team."

Hugo , Scrum Master / Web Developer

"It's very nice to have this culture at Coolblue; there is a genuine interest in what's cooking at Development."

Victor , Lead Developer

"At Coolblue, IT plays a major role in all of our processes. Therefore, all employees highly appreciate change and improvement, which makes the work of our scrum teams very rewarding."

Erik , Lead Developer


Living in NL a

Living in the Netherlands.

Cycle and awaaaay.

The concentrated tour guide of the Netherlands
It's flat. It's small. It's packed with opportunities. Where else could you decide to go on a road trip and hit the beach, then arrive at the shore a half hour later to find out it's raining there, then get back into the car and drive for just another hour to end up in a completely different country? The Netherlands is basically a highly concentrated region. What's more, practically every Dutch person speaks English fluently, so you'll have no trouble making friends or yelling at someone who just took your parking spot.

Working in Rotterdam.

Where the skyline's the limit.

Above all, Rotterdam is known for its architecture and innovation. The city breathes a young, dynamic and international atmosphere that just keeps on reinventing itself. It has everything that you would expect of a large city: shopping, vibrant night life and many cultural attractions. Take a look at all upcoming events!


Relocation a

Relocation package.

We've got it covered.

When you move here
After you move here

When you move here:

  • We’ll pay for the flight for you and your family.
  • We’ll help you obtain a social security number, insurances, find a tax advisor, and everything else you need to feel at home here.
  • A few extra euro's, so you would be able to buy some new bed sheets or a TV :)

After you move here:

  • We’ll help you find a permanent home.
  • We’ll pay for a flight to and from your home country once a year for a period of 3 years.
  • We’ll arrange a Dutch language course for you and your partner. We’ll help your partner to find a job or day activity.

Events a


Be there or be square.

Dutch PHP Conference



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