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Technical Team Lead Mobile Apps

As a Mobile Team Lead at Coolblue, you’re responsible for growing and supporting a team that excels at mobile development

    Pros and cons

    • You're a part of the team and you program for the iOS and/or Android Coolblue App.
    • You support the team in making technical decisions.
    • You help your team members to develop and improve themselves.
    • Minus: You will not make your daily step count with the incredible short distance from the train station to your desk.


    After a cup of coffee your daily stand-up starts. Henrique tells the team that he's working on speeding up the start-up time of the iOS app. Joey offers to help and they start a pair programming session. You and Jolanda are working together on adding alternative products to the product page. After you collaborate and create a plan, you quickly get to work. Jolanda builds the UI and you're writing the logic and the tests.

    After your lunch walk it's time for your one-on-one with Sander. He's having issues trying to explain to the Product Owner why we want to start using GraphQL and he's asking for your help. You discuss how he can approach this best and after the session he directly talks to Elisa about it.

    Your specifications

    • You like team dynamics and social interaction.
    • You're experienced giving feedback to team members and doing appraisals.
    • You're a solid Android and/or iOS developer.
    • You get the architectural reference in the previous sentence.
    • You know your way around SCRUM and love following agile practices.

    Included by default

    • Money.
    • With over 30 training courses at our own Coolblue University, you can become a little better every day.
    • A discount on all our products.
    • A picture-perfect office at a great location. You could crawl to work from Rotterdam Central Station. Though we recommend just walking for 2 minutes.
    • An extraordinarily good work environment, with freshly made snacks, monthly drinks, legendary Coolblue parties, and an informal, playful department.
    • 25 leave days. As long as you promise to come back.
    • Travel allowance and a retirement plan.
    • A job at 1 of the fastest-growing companies in the Benelux.
    • Room for new initiatives and ideas. We're always open to those, whether you've been with us for a week, a month, or a year.
    • Working together intensively in an international environment with extremely driven, intelligent colleagues from the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Mexico, and Italy, among others.

    Questions about Software development vacancies?

    Questions about Software development vacancies?

    Charlotte Charlotte van Kralingen

    Application process

    1. Apply
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    2. Introductory call
    One of our Recruiters will call you for a preliminary chat.
    3. First interview
    A Recruiter and a Developer will call you for a Skype interview to get to know you better and to answer any questions you might have.
    4. Meet & Greet
    If you live outside NL we'll fly you in to meet us, so we can show you your future workplace.
    5. Offer
    We'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
    6. Hired
    Just sign here, here, and here. Booyah! You're hired.

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