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Team Lead Data Systems

You lead a team which supports our Business Analysis and Data Science teams with your knack for data and tech skills.

    What you tell your friends

    'I lead a team of data investigators: it’s like managing private investigators, but without the secrecy'.

    What you really do

    • You build and manage a team which excels in data warehouse design and the creation of data pipelines.

    • Your technical expertise makes Coolblue smarter by assisting in data-driven decision making processes.

    • You and your team provide technical support to our Business Analysts, who turn the data you provide into actionable insights for all of Coolblue.

    • You coach team members in defining and achieving their personal goals.

    How you do it

    • You actively coach your team members and continuously provide feedback to help them do things a little bit better every day.

    • You participate in the development sprint and all Scrum events, which provide you with knowledge and insights needed to help the team improve and achieve its goals.

    • You investigate the needs of Business Analysts in order to improve our data analytics capabilities.

    • You will receive immediate feedback from Business Analysts and have a lot of opportunities to experiment.

    • You support the Product Owner with aligning functional and technical requirements.


    You’ll work in an international scrum team of 4 to 6 members with a passion for data. Everyone has their own specialization including DevOps, SQL Server gurus, and BI developers. The team’s backlog is curated by the Product Owner and the Scrum Master. Your team works with approximately 25 Business Analysts and 3 teams of Data Scientists, providing them data structures they can use to build automated analytics solutions.

    A day at the office

    After morning coffee with the team its stand-up time. The Hero-of-the-Day updates the team from Apache Airflow on any overnight processing issues, story progress updates all round and quick refinement of some JIRA stories. Next it’s a bi-weekly sync with Gwildor one of the team members. Then a clear hour of development time to finish some Python tests for a new feature you’re developing in Airflow, collaborating with André on T-SQL support in the pipeline, some fun technical conversations. The team reviews the design for the semantic layer that Prabha and Freek completed yesterday, then lunch!

    The team reduced a 4 hour stock process to just 20 minutes and you’re all proud to show this at the sprint demo. In the afternoon, the team and the PO plan the upcoming sprint. Then a cloud migration progress update with the PO of deployment team and aligning on the sequence order of the remaining stories in the epic. Just before you head home the team has fun deciding their outfit theme for the Coolblue party.


    What we’re asking

    • You have multiple years of experience in (cloud-based) data warehousing.

    • You have experience with a modern programming language (big plus would be Python).

    • You have experience with deployment (It’s a big plus if you’ve got experience with tools like AWS CloudFormation, Puppet or Ansible).

    • You think in data structures and Kimball methodology.

    • You have strong communication skills and can easily explain technical decisions to (non)-technical colleagues.

    • You're experienced when it comes to improving your colleagues craftsmanship and technical skills.

    • You're willing to investigate what users want and why.

    • You inhale and exhale Scrum/Agile.

    What we’re offering

    • Money.

    • A 10% discount on all of our products.

    • 25 leave days. As long as you promise to come back.

    • Travel allowance and a retirement plan.

    • An office at the best possible location. It's only a short stumble away from Rotterdam Central Station.

    • An awesome workplace. With freshly prepared meals, monthly TGIF drinks and epic Coolblue parties.

    • Dutch language courses. To help you become a Rotterdammert.

    • Relocation assistance from A to Z (if you live abroad).

    Questions about Software development vacancies?

    Questions about Software development vacancies?

    Reggie Ebbe

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