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Senior Database Reliability Engineer

As a Senior Database Reliability Engineer, you’re responsible for creating, maintaining and improving the various database components for applications which allow Coolblue to deliver on its promises.

    What you tell your friends

    “I select stars”, while your friends stare at you in wonder and slight confusion.

    What you really do

    • You manage our highly available database environments for our back-office systems.

    • You continuously improve our Oracle database environments.

    • You make sure our MS-SQL and MySQL environments are optimally managed.

    How you do it

    • You have Oracle database as your core skill, but you also know your way around MS SQL and MySQL.

    • You design and build supporting systems needed to keep a database up and running.

    • You’re hands-on, working with your team to design, implement, deliver, and troubleshoot the databases for Coolblue.

    • You present your ideas in a simple way so it’s understood by all – techies and non-techies alike.


    You'll work in a team of multidisciplinary Engineers with various areas of expertise. This means that you will have the opportunity to expand your skill set to other areas or simply have a full view on how everything comes together, enabling you to make an even bigger impact. Your team will be complemented by a Scrum Master and a Product Owner.

    A day at the office

    This morning you start checking the newly delivered Oracle schema changes pipeline. It looks good and you’re happy to report in the stand-up that it’s ready for use.

    After the stand-up, you get together with Jos, who is a Developer, to discuss the MS-SQL statement improvements you’ve caught the day before in Datadog. It seems likely that we could reduce the execution time by optimizing the statement slightly.

    This sounds very promising and after a brainstorm with your team and Jos, you come up with several changes that could be made. You work together with Jos to make the SQL statement modifications and push them through our database deployment pipeline. After that, it's lunchtime!

    In the afternoon, you have a refinement session on upcoming stories and ideas with the team and the Product Owner. The team chooses to focus on exploring AWS Aurora capabilities. You are excited to learn more about this, and after a refuelling at lunch, you’re ready for the session.

    What we’re asking

    • You have at least 5 years of experience as an Oracle database administrator.

    • You have maintained, designed and built for availability and scalability in business critical databases.

    • You’re great in Oracle server but can also join and lead team conversations on other database topics, such as MS-SQL, MySQL, DTAP environments, and database automation.

    • You excel in automating administering databases, so much that it takes up no time at all and you can then spend your days on database development instead of operations.

    • You’re fluent in English.

    • You have strong knowledge of:

      • Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL best practices.

      • PL/SQL Development.

      • Scripting languages like Python and Bash.

      • Optimizing queries.

      • Oracle AWR, OEM Tuning and Diagnostics Pack

      • Database normalization and denormalization.

      • Automated DTAP environments.

      • Backup and recovery.

      • Import and export.

      • Database Anonymization (masking and subsetting).

      • Database Security.

    • It’s a big plus if you have:

      • worked before with tools like Teamcity, Git or Puppet.

      • have used database cloud solutions like Amazon RDS & Aurora.

    What we’re offering

    • Money.

    • A 10% discount on all of our products.

    • An awesome workplace. With freshly prepared meals, monthly TGIF drinks, epic Coolblue parties, and an informal, playful office space.

    • 25 leave days. As long as you'll promise to come back.

    • Travel allowance and a retirement plan.

    • An office at the best possible location. It's only a short stumble away from Rotterdam Central Station. Or a 2-minute walk.

    • Relocation assistance, from a to z (if you live abroad).

    • Dutch language courses. To help you become a Rotterdammert.

    • An international work environment. With colleagues from places like Belgium, Spain, Australia, Mexico, and Italy.

    Questions about Software development vacancies?

    Questions about Software development vacancies?

    Martijn van Citteren

    Application process

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    3. First interview
    A Recruiter and a Developer will call you for a Skype interview to get to know you better and to answer any questions you might have.
    4. Meet & Greet
    If you live outside NL we'll fly you in to meet us, so we can show you your future workplace.
    5. Offer
    We'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
    6. Hired
    Just sign here, here, and here. Booyah! You're hired.

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