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Owner Route Planning & Network Analysis

As Owner Route Planning & Network Analysis, you allow our Delivery Employees to make as many customers happy as possible by making our route planning software even smarter and more efficient. For now and for the future.

    Pros and cons

    • You have control of the heart of our daily operations: the route planning and the mobile application that our Delivery Employees use.
    • You analyze our route planning to discover where we lose time.
    • You make sure our customers have plenty of options to choose from for when they want to receive their order.
    • You develop new tools to make our delivery networks as efficient as possible.
    • You work with our suppliers to make sure the mobile application supports our Delivery Employees as much as possible.
    • Getting lost and showing up late is no longer an option. You know your way around.


    As soon as you come in, you start working on an idea that you got yesterday while reading an article. By clustering our delivery areas differently, you expect to increase the efficiency of our planning by up to 5%. You immediately talk to Jaap, our Data Scientist, to see whether your idea holds up in real life with our simulations. Anticipating the results, you reserve some room on the development backlog to do an a/b-test for this new cluster. Our customers have to be happy, too.

    In the afternoon, you have a meeting with Remco, CoolblueBezorgt Manager. The tool you and your team have developed in the past few months shows that we need a new depot to reduce the driving time to and from our customers. You end the meeting with a high five: let’s look for a new location!

    Finally, you review the tickets that are still open with Application Specialist Edwin. Changes for our CoolblueFietst delivery employees have finally gone live in the mobile app. This saves 10 seconds at each every customer, and makes the delivery employees happy as well.

    Your specifications

    • You have at least 5 years of experience in a role as Consultant, Analyst, or Product Owner.
    • Management experience is a strong advantage.
    • You know how to translate your ambitious goals into a roadmap for your team.
    • You know how to optimally organize your work and responsibilities to reach your goals.
    • Your analytic skills are top-notch and you have the ability to think conceptually.
    • You have strong communication skills and know how to work with people. Apart from your immediate coworkers, you’ll also work with a lot of other people in other fields, both within and outside of Coolblue, so you know how to get people along.
    • You risk challenging your coworkers with innovative ideas, even while knowing that you might be completely wrong at times.

    What we're offering

    Questions about Warehouse & delivery vacancies?

    Questions about Warehouse & delivery vacancies?

    Shanti Spalburg

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    4. Second interview
    One of our Recruiters and Developers will call you for a Skype interview and ask you a bunch of difficult questions.
    5. Offer
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    6. Hired
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