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English Translator

As an English Translator you translate Coolblue interactions from Dutch into English according to our style guide, with the purpose of effectively catering to our English-speaking customers.

    Pros and cons

    • You translate the Coolblue website to English, from product pages to advice content to customer service articles.
    • You make sure that all English content is grammatically correct, coherent, and consistent with Coolblue's guidelines.
    • You're always up to date when it comes to the Coolblue style guide and contribute ideas to improve it.
    • You contribute to improving the quality of the translated content by keeping the memory of the translation tool up-to-date.
    • You'll have to cancel your gym membership, because the puns will give you a real workout.


    "Bonjour!" Your French colleague, Louisa, happily welcomes you. You grab a cup of coffee and talk about your weekend for a bit. You start working on your new batch of product translations. Later that morning, Catharina, the Translation Team Lead, has an update about a new project. Joëlle has made a project planning and once you've gone over the details, it's time to get to work!
    It's sunny outside, so you and the team decide to eat lunch outside. Once you're back at the office, you go over some feedback Wessel, the team's proofreader, has left on an internal request you translated. Together, you discuss how to best provide the Coolblue style. Time to make some adjustments!

    Uh oh, look at the time. You promised your colleagues you'd play a game of foosball before going home. This time, you finally beat our resident champion Sander. Victory is yours!

    Your specifications

    • You speak English at a native level, and you're highly fluent in Dutch.
    • You've completed a Higher Professional Education (HBO) in Translation, Languages, Journalism, or a similar field.
    • You have experience in translation.
    • You're available 40 hours per week and don't mind having to work at our office in Rotterdam for 5 days per week.
    • You know how to comfort a grammar nerd. "There, their, they're."

    Included by default

    • Money.
    • With over 30 training courses in our own Coolblue University, you can become a little better every day.
    • A discount on all our products.
    • Extraordinarily good work environment, including freshly made snacks, monthly drinks, legendary Coolblue parties, awesome team activities, and an informal, playful department.
    • 25 leave days. As long as you promise to come back.
    • Travel allowance and a retirement plan.
    • A picture-perfect office at a great location. You could crawl to work from Rotterdam Central Station. Though we recommend just walking for 2 minutes.
    • Morning concerts, thanks to your colleagues who are always singing 90s hits.
    • Room for new initiatives and ideas. We're always open to those. Whether you've worked here a week, month or year.
    • Challenging work you can get lost in. You'll sometimes forget you're working.
    Let's get started right away! Translate this product description, its specs, and the advice page and include them in your application. 


    Questions about Marketing, sales & purchasing vacancies?

    Questions about Marketing, sales & purchasing vacancies?

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    Application process

    1. Apply
    You've applied? Awesome. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
    2. Introductory call
    One of our Recruiters will call you for a preliminary chat.
    3. First interview
    A Recruiter and a Developer will call you for a Skype interview to get to know you better and to answer any questions you might have.
    4. Online assessment
    We'll ask you to take an online test, via which we'll determine if you possess the right level of expertise.
    5. Second interview
    One of our Recruiters and Developers will call you for a Skype interview and ask you a bunch of difficult questions.
    6. Offer
    We'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
    7. Hired
    Just sign here, here, and here. Booyah! You're hired.

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