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Design System Front-end Developer

As a Design System Front-end developer you help your colleagues with improving the user-friendliness of our webshop for millions of customers.

    Pros and cons

    • Your changes improve the user-friendliness of our webshop for millions of customers.
    • You have the opportunity to actively coach your fellow developers and continuously provide them with constructive feedback.
    • As a member of the Design System team, you are involved with all development teams working on the webshop.
    • You'll have a lot of freedom in making decisions aimed to make developer's lives easier. 
    • You have to choose between playing foosball, table tennis or pool, every day.


    'Good morning!' Today you will start working on a new component replacing multiple old components that are currently being used on the webshop. You are stoked to get started after having extensive talks with other developers, UX designers and stakeholders to get all the requirements clear. You understand the importance of it, but your hands are itching to finally write some code. A developer from a different team is going to help you with the development of the new component. While helping, she wants to learn the tricks of the trade about component development. 

    Later in the day you get some questions from different people about what components to use. As it's good to stretch your legs from time to time, you decide to walk around and pay them a visit. You were able to help them on the spot so they can continue their work. 

    Towards the end of the day, you pitched an idea to your team member to improve the maintainability of components. As the conversation progresses, you haven't been able to convince him it's a good idea. Maybe a proof of concept will do the trick. You won't give up that easily. 

    Your specifications

    • 3+ years of Web Development experience, preferably in an agile environment.
    • Experienced in component-driven development and/or Design Systems.
    • Strong experience in HTML, CSS/SCSS and JavaScript.
    • Experience in accessibility, Twig and PHP is a plus.
    • Self-learning, independent and have excellent problem-solving skills.
    • You have an eye for detail and an affinity with design.
    • Comfortable coaching and mentoring less experienced developers.
    • Written and verbal communication skills are great.
    • Fluent in English.

    Included by default

    • Money.
    • 25 leave days. As long as you promise to come back.
    • Travel allowance and a retirement plan.
    • Relocation assistance, from A to Z (only from Europe).
    • With over 30 training courses in our own Coolblue University, you can become a little better every day.
    • An international working environment. With colleagues from places like Belgium, Spain, Australia, Mexico, and Italy.
    • Room for new initiatives and ideas. We're always open to those. Doesn't matter if you've worked with us for a week, a month, or a year.
    • A horizontal organisation in the broadest sense. You could just go and have a beer with the boss.
    • A discount on all our products.
    • A picture-perfect office at a great location. You could crawl to work from Rotterdam Central Station. Though we recommend just walking for 2 minutes.
    • Extraordinarily good work environment, including freshly made snacks, monthly drinks, legendary Coolblue parties and awesome team activities.

    Questions about Software development vacancies?

    Questions about Software development vacancies?

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    Application process

    1. Apply
    You've applied? Awesome. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
    2. Introductory call and test
    One of our Recruiters will call you for a preliminary chat and give you a small technical assignment.
    3. First interview
    A Recruiter and a Developer will call you for a Skype interview to get to know you better and to answer any questions you might have.
    4. Meet & Greet
    If you live outside NL we'll fly you in to meet us, so we can show you your future workplace.
    5. Offer
    We'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
    6. Hired
    Just sign here, here, and here. Booyah! You're hired.

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